Monday, June 22, 2009


Nice desk. I want one please. Haha. Found here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

song poissoning

Last night's dinner really made my left arm faint for practicing to much +_+ but I enjoyed the drinks hahaha *devil laugh*

And this is my playlist for a week -- I've never even thought to listen to most songs:
Somewhere Out There
Close To You
Autumn Leaves
Ebony and Ivory
Don't Know Why
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
What A Wonderful World
If I Ain't Got You
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
Something Stupid

And this one song poissonated me a lot: Somewhere Beyond The Sea. It stucks in my head everyday and I can't stop to sing it. heee...

Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waitin' for me
My lover stands on golden sand
And watches the ships that go sailin'

Friday, June 19, 2009


I am enjoying being alone at home right now hakhakhak..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

on occupation

What did you want to be when you were a little kid? Bet you hung your wish up in the sky, thinking of your super dream job. Said you wanted to be a doctor, a pilot, an architect, dentist, teacher, etc, etc. You were in high school, certain that you would go to college, seeking your super dream job. It happened to me, also. I am in the search of a great job [in my perspective].
Then I am 22, going to a mall to find a gift for my soon-to-be-retired elementary school teacher. Found a nice tie, then paid it on the cashier. I met this mbak-mbak kasir Centro with familiar face and I tried so hard to remember; who's this mbak-mbak? I know that she's a friend from school but I couldn't recall which school? Junior high? Elementary? So I peeked her name tag and found a familiar name also. I remember we had to call her with that 'K' after her first name, because another friend had the same name. Still I didn't remember who she is.
Today I met my college friend who was also my elementary school friend, and told her that I met this mbak-mbak. I figured that the mbak-mbak was an elementary school friend.
Then I started to think.
Funny that I, graduated from a school of architecture, is trying to find a big, ideal job for myself. A dream job. An occupaition that, when people ask me "what are you up to?", I'll answer the question with pride and greatness. And so does everybody, I think. But how silly it is, when we still think that Jobs are Big Jobs. Doctor. Architect. Accountant. Ever we think that there are plenty more jobs out there? When we're a little kids, we went buying a toy, met mbak-mbak toko mainan, and the idea of mbak-mbak penjaga toko never even cross our mind. It's just someone else. Not me, not my friend, not my neighbor, no one. When you grow up you find some of your friends are mbak-mbak and mas-mas penjaga toko.
I am realizing that the dream job is not really realistic for some. Dreams remain dreams. Thank you. Go back to real life please.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

let's walk

Today I walked 4800 meters which are approximately 6857 steps [walking to bathroom or reaching the 5th floor by stairs aren't counted] and yesterday 4000 meters. I got big steps: 70 cms each haha. Well, not much.. didn't even reach 10.000 steps as in Anlene's promo 'sepuluh ribu langkah Anlene' to fight osteoporosis. And is surely less than the previous generation's daily steps when people had to walked 10kms and more to go to school.
I wish I could do this more often. I really like walking on foot. It's... inspiring. haha.

about the past

I recently found that there are things in life better left unknown. Either it hurts or it will change your whole perception of how everything went; it makes you discover how fool you were, how sick you were, how you supposed to do something but you didn't, then you'll regret yourself.
Or it will make you loose your faith. In anything.

Monday, June 8, 2009


lock all the doors
and turn out the lights
feels like the end of the world
this Sunday night

there's not a sound
outside the snow's coming down
and somehow I can't seem to find
the quiet inside my mind

the space in this room
has turned on me
and all my fears have cornered me here
me and my TV screen

the volume's down
blue lights are dancing around
and still, I can't seem to find
the quiet inside my mind

daylight is climbing the walls
cars start and feet walk the halls
the world awakes and now I am safe
at least by the light of day
quiet - john mayer

Saturday, June 6, 2009


my head is going to explode >.<