Monday, November 30, 2009

random faces

I always admire a person who can draw everyone's face.
I got the task to draw my own face at least twice: on elementary and first year of college; and both failed. However I'm very cuirous about this, and I have a will to give a try.
The above sketch, is actually my own face hehe. You be the judge. And the lower one, I tried to sketch different faces from photographs I found in a blog, which I forgot the name. While the lady now looks like someone I know, the man at the center looks like an actor named Stephen Rea, and the last man looks like someone in a mafia movie, all three pictures [unfortunately] don't represent the real person hehe.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

quarter face

A month after my 23rd. Drawing pencil set, check. Watercolour set, check. Drawing pen, check. And it has been my wish to have a steady pocket sketchbook to keep my scratches - so they won't spread everywhere in my room like the previous ones. So here I started my first page with this drawing. It's my quarter life. I've decided not to put the word 'crisis' after 'quarter life', just to keep my life cycling. This sketchbook will contain everything I want: inspiration, sigh, joy, depression, journey, etc. I have 190 more pages to bw filled. A kind of journal, but definetely not the cute one. The '11.09' means 'november 09', when I start this 'project'.
And I may not post everything here: only the selected ones :p
I hope this will do my life better.
Oh and by the way, it's my eye. I don't know if it looks like mine or not hehe.

Monday, November 23, 2009

empty stage

empty stage from yesterday's recital at salihara. d

at the right place.


thank you so much fiqi for this colorful wallet hehe.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It was Monday morning. The professor was giving a lecture about how building plans force the movements of the occupants [human], when suddenly he showed the plan of Phillip Johnson's Glass House. Actually it's quite familiar for me, I guess, and so for everyone who is learning architecture. It has been featured in many lectures and discussions, especially in the History of Architecture class.

But there's one thing I can not explain: why did I suddenly trapped back to the high school dream and conversations, and why now? Why not, let's say, few years ago when I was on my history class?

In case you think that I start to ramble, I'm going to construct a story about this.

Back in 2002 - 2004. I was a bold high school student. I liked to draw, I liked to play with pencils. I liked to imagine artworks. I played guitar. I didn't like to study, but I wasn't one of those rebelious-wannabe students who acted 'extra' in order to get more attention; I kept everything inside my mind. I was emotional, and I didn't like to joke. On my 3rd grade, I was the one who had an idea to decorate our class into an outer space experience for class decoration competition during the celebration week of Independence Day. Once a math teacher came into the class to teach. I can clearly remember he said: "When I went into this class, I felt like being in an outer space. Who's the architect of this decoration?"

It was very obvious, that my future carrier would be an artist, or designer [read: architect]. At least it's what my friends once thought about me. It was not because I make an announcement. I also didn't make any corny behavior to state anything; it's just that obvious.

And so it was. Everyone was talking about her/his dream college. Accountting. Medical school. Politics. Architecture was very rare. On the conversations with my friends, they often 'booked' me for their dream house. One friend wanted Javanese styled house. Another wanted a house with her own music studio. It was common, and nearly jokes. Not the kind of ridiculous, stupid jokes, but it's just a dream which we all knew, we're not going to get there soon. It's a kind of ideal aspiration to reach once we're adult and well established.

Then one of my friend asked: "how about your dream house?" I recklessly answered that it would be a small, square house, without room order, because it's only for me. And do you know that although it sounds selfish and careless, I really meant it.

I went to an architecture school, as I wished.

And I learned so many things, including this Glass House. But I remembered nothing about the dream house. I was too busy with my thoughts and depressions. I forgot to have fun. I forgot to dream. I forgot to play guitar. I forgot to sketch. I forgot to make artworks. Even I went out a lot, but I don't think it's the real way of really indulge myself in my excitement. I forgot how to be a human, a teenager with aspirations.

It's only last Monday, I saw the Glass House plan again. How shocked I was, that the idea was pretty similar to my honestly imagined house. And how I get more shocked to know that I never realize this.

left: Glass House. right: once it was my dream house.

You know, I never really hate architecture. I always love architecture as a humble space, and as a knowledge; but not as a profession.

It's the same way that I never really want to be an architect.

And this is the only thing I miss about being an architecture student:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Just the random sketches on boring days.
"let them live"

Mormolyce Phyllodes

"full-full moon scared the hell out of me"

Friday, November 6, 2009

ruma maida

Maida Lilian Manurung (Atiqah Hasiholan), a quirky, tomboyish and idealistic senior college student, turns an abandoned house into a school for street kids, teaching them everything from Indonesian history to how to play musical instruments.

One day, a group of leather-jacket-wearing thugs storm the house, forcing Maida and the kids to vacate the premises. A young architect, Sakera (Yama Carlos), hired by a real estate mogul, Dasaad Muchlisin (Frans Tumbuan), explains that the house has been bought and will be turned into a modern, commercial building.

Sakera thinks the house’s architecture should be preserved, but the idea is vehemently opposed by Muchlisin. Sakera gradually develops sympathy for Maida’s cause and romantic interest follows.

A sister and guardian angel to the street kids, Maida, who is also working on her senior history thesis on the fictional historical song “Pulau Tenggara” (“Southeast Island”), is desperate to prevent the house from being demolished.

Through flashbacks the movie also tells the story of Ishak Pahing (Nino Fernandez), the author of “Pulau Tenggara,” whose half-Dutch half-Indonesian status meant he was living in a perilous time.

Through the songwriter-turned-pilot’s character, the audience is taken into different chapters of Indonesian history, covering the 1928 Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge), the Dutch colonial era and the Japanese occupation. While the connection between Maida’s and Ishak’s stories is not immediately obvious, it turns out the young idealist’s only chance to save the house lies in its history. - image source: - movie review from

November 5th, 2009. We unexpectedly watched 'Ruma Maida' together. We were me, Mbak Wanda and Galih. Why it was unexpected? Because we didn't plan anything. It came out of sudden; as when we planned something, it mostly didn't work. I go out pretty often with Mbak Wanda, but not with Galih.

Let me tell you about Galih. He is a friend of mine, of course. He was a Graduate Program student, who is now a Master in Architecture History and Theory. The very first time I knew him was in Ethno Architecture class couple years ago and until last year, I barely knew him. Last semester, we were the facilitators for the same subject. Since then, we discuss a lot, mainly about life. We're from very different background and education but surprisingly, we share some similarities in these quarter life crisis *haha*. If you see any of my previous posts that contained my complains *haha again* or thought about life, and Galih depressingly commented on those posts, then you might understand what I was saying. Vice versa. His blog which is now idle [hehe peace dulu ah, Gal] shares his interest in culture and everything else, including life. And I used to depressingly make comments on his posts.

So this was the first time I saw a movie with Galih. [Un]fortunately, the movie was 'Ruma Maida', which.......... kicked *nyengir ketimpuk*. Okay. Well basically, the movie is about nationalism and the youngs' idealism. In more detail, the movie contents architecture, history [of architecture], passion, and life discussions. In a very more detail, the movie contents stories about 'the last semester student from a notable university -alias UI which was our school- who is finishing her final undergraduate thesis', 'a young, idealist architect who is trapped within the wants of his client', 'discussions about idealism, professional ethics [this one especially goes to Mbak Wanda who currently is taking Professional Ethics class for her graduate study] and history of architecture', 'a little glimpse on religion' and also 'the past time pilot whose actual passion was being a musician and however he continued to become a songwriter' That's why it........... kicks *nyengir ketimpuk lagi*

This is a very actual prove, of what I've said before, that the universe is working in a very unique way in my life. Including sneaking up on me. And maybe you. I really don't understand why, did I see this movie with those two recent best pals. I think it was simply because The Greater Power Than Human needs to........ kick *sorry I can't find any other word* us in the middle of our so called life questioning. Or life learning. There were a lot of 'oh damn' from us when seeing this movie.

Really. You should see the movie yourself. However I don't know if it will kick you the way it did to me or not.

Ok back to the movie. I think it's a good one. At least it's out of today's mainstream which is sundel bolong or susuk pocong. But... despite its good intention in lifting up nationalism, I found some minor carelessness due to its setting details that unfortunatelly, have a distinct potential to be bloopers. So the setting was 1998. But we'll find 3 [a relatively new cellular provider] advertising board, Kijang Inova, and Pondok Indah - Bandung freeway direction board. Now that's careless.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

christmas calling

Christmas is near. Some are getting more religious in certain reasons - certain callings. Some are just pathetic. And for some, it is calling for... business.

Well, not my business, of course. This is actually my cousin's. I only did the design, as she asked me. Well, again, if you really want to use the term 'design', be sure that you solve something. Otherwise, it's not a desgin. He. The Design Methods subject has poissoned me o_O

So I don't consider myself a designer. I'm an... artist? Haha.

You know, when it comes to an event of a religion, people tends to put the aura of religiousness to it. Let's say, for christmas, we will have bible's verses, religious figures and pictures, symbols, and so on and so on for greetings and ornaments - including in t-shirt art. For me, bible verses in tees are just lame. So when I got the task to make t-shirt art themed christmas, I tried to find a lighter way in saying 'merry christmas'.

Merry early christmas, then :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

out of today's boredom

The Galia Village from Asterix and Obelix inspired me.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

and the wind blows my brain

Thank you so much for the new drawing sets, pals :)