Wednesday, June 30, 2010


After all these long drives out of town (mention it. Solo, Tasik, Lembang, Bandung - now this one was secretly), breaking rules and speeding (fortunately) without getting caught, and after driving everyone else's cars (well, the rule-breakings were also with everyone else's cars), I just figured out that my driving license has actually... expired. since. last. october. And it nauseated me.

I'm really sorry, dear passengers. Which might include you. LMAO.

And don't worry because I've already had my renewed license just today hehe. I did a sketch actually, while queuing the process which felt like a thousand years. But my lame scanner is out of service, again. So. Will update later, I guess :)

update: above is my sketch on the location.

Monday, June 21, 2010

the author

Truman Capote (1924 - 1984) was an American author which works included Breakfast at Tiffany's. He's a narcist. He's not humble, he fell in love with himself and his works. He partied with his friends and talked about himself a lot. He loved to be the center of attention. He drank.

He's a unique personality, though. He was openly gay; not the muscularly macho typed, but the one who spoke in high pitch with strange pronunciation of vocals and dressed unconventionally: he would wore a feminine scarf, something that would potentially be laughed at when the wearer was a man, at that time.

One day in 1959 he read the newspaper and found an article about a murder of the whealty Clutter family and declared that he himself would do the research on that event, then made the story his next nonfiction novel. Accompanied by his best friend, Harper Lee (the author of To Kill a Mockingbird), he went to find the Clutter's family friend who found them dead, did some interviews and got underestimated by local police but finally with his charm and money grabbed the access to meet the suspects and unlimitedly visit them in prison.

Then he began to stuck in a strong bonding with one of the inmates, Perry Smith.

They figured out that they had a similar background as a child, shared stories about the past. Truman regularly visited Perry and gave Perry his writings. But there was one thing Perry wouldn't tell Truman: the detail of the murder.

It was all about the book, and not their relationship. Perry who had taken Truman as a close friend, got disappointed when Truman stop visiting him and went to Morocco and Spain with his partner instead to write the first three parts of the book. The disappointment was more emotional than material, for he thought the friendship was unconditional and sincere. He felt betrayed by the author.

Eventually, Perry agreed to tell Truman the detail of the murder. How he was told that there was 10.000 dollars inside the house, how he considered that Mr. Clutter was a nice gentleman right before Perry cut his throat and killed the rest, how he felt ashamed of himself, and how he only got forty or fifty box from the house. He said it all with no villainous look of a murderer; a frustrated, ordinary human instead.

When finally the execution day arrived, Truman was nothing but heartbroken. Perry had sent letter to Truman to visit him for the last time, saying goodbye. Truman did come on the last minute, unable to hide his pain over loosing Perry.

Truman watched Perry's hanging.

The next day Truman was seen in an airplane, looking at photos and writings inside Perry's private diary, and some drawings that Perry made, including a drawing of Truman's face.


After the movie, Capote (2005). Truman Capote's book about the murder, In Cold Blood was published 1965. It was his last book.

Some had speculated that the relationship between Truman and Perry was actually romantic. The picture shown above is from Capote when Truman and Perry were in the police station, taking a mug shot of Perry (image source).

The movie quoted Truman's words after the execution:
"More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This is Alanis Morissette on a live concert in Barcelona, 2008. Image Source.

And I want that see-through guitar. Anyone?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

may's weekends

It's June already X_X

While the time goes really fast, I had interesting weekends last May, actually. Some were very personal (or emotional?) and aren't meant to be shared here, but at least two other weekends are just too exciting to be kept.

On the 2nd weekend of May, I had a trip to Cibodas, with the big family. Right. The. Family. Uncles, aunties, nephews, cousins.. I thought this trip would be very boring and pretentious, while I need to greet everyone 'happily' all the time. I figured out that it wasn't that bad. The place was a National Park, and it's really stunning seriously. The ancient trees and huge plants, fresh air, great view, it was really refreshing. The other best thing was I didn't really need to 'greet everyone happily all the time' because this rare opportunity being in such place gave me excuse to freely leave the guest house where we all stayed hehe. Here are some sketches:

The next weekend, I had a chance to sketch an event called TEDx. Well. I don't really know how to describe the event, but it's kind of lecture/sharing/discussion. If you know an event named pecha kucha, then TED might be similar to it. The global tag line for the event is 'ideas worth spreading', and it presented key speakers, performers and videos from TED events across the globe. Kindly click for the true information about TED. Why I was there? It's because one of my friend was on the event's committee, and she had the idea to record the event through sketches. As you may have guessed, the sketchers were me and Galih. Haha. And by the way I really like how they called us 'sketch artists'. Sounds cool, doesn't it? Go to my flickr photostream for better view of the sketches.

And this is one of some videos they repeatedly played during the preparation and break. which is one of my favorite song and singer of all time.

p.s.: I really miss writing :(