Saturday, March 20, 2010

the life.

Slightly last year on an anonymous, ordinary day, I wrote on my old blog a gibberish issue about a common attitude of any ordinary people. It is: the sense of self that everything is going to be okay. The sense of self that if there's any disaster, misfortune, or any other bad luck, it's not going to be me; it's anyone else's matter. The sense of self that if there's something that the world need; a change, an improvement, a sacrifice, then it's someone else's responsibility but me. I gave examples about war, accident, crime, earthquake, homosexuality, philosophical thought. And the list continues to add with atheism, bankruptcy, crisis and so forth.

I presume this kind of things happen as an idealized vision of a life, of a family. Just see the image of a happy, nice family on any commercial ad broadcasted on television. A couple, having two nice kids, living in a sleek modern house, buying a new car, touring the neighborhood. Well this image may appear in a society as everyone's hope for a good living. For most, a life is simply being born, growing up and go to school, achieving good scores in any subject, going to a prestigious college, easily getting a job with the so called proper salary, getting married, having kids, getting old, watching the kids grow up, having grandchildren, then die peacefully. I don't judge here, that if you have such vision, then you're wrong, at all. But unconsciously we miss a lot of details that involve both external and internal factors and after all, seriously, life is not that simple.

Going home early, avoiding bad guys, doing everything on the straight line, over-protecting your kids, then you think everything's going to be alright? I don't think so.

The world is rough and cruel. Closing your eyes to everything you don't want is not the way to solve any problems. Intrigues. Pretenders. Heartaches. Greed. Syndicates. Just when you think your day is hard enough, you'll figure out that something bigger and meaner might happen to you the next day. And just when you think you're mature enough to face everything in your life no matter how old you are, please rethink.