Wednesday, October 2, 2013

going gray

Nobody is expected or has an ability to look young forever unless she was Elizabeth Taylor or Titiek Puspa. How freaked out I was when I found a group of gray hair in a specific, particular spot: above my right ear. You read it right; not one or two, but a GROUP of gray hair, and the number has increased ever since.

Funny how as a (relatively) young person I always think of life, seeing how some friends got married and have kids, some have gone abroad and back again, some quitted job and opened a boutique. In short: life does change. But so far I haven't found any evidence of gray hair or wrinkled skin on them and I never really thought that sooner or later our appearance may also change.

So in this pre-30s life (wait, what???) I think I better be prepared, for a few years from now my cutout profile will probably look like this:

Do I look like an X-Men character?


novel said...

ih keren jadinya ;)

dai said...

lho kok malah dibilang keren haha haduh X_X

rizki said...

hahah roug ya dai? ngarep aje lo... jangan kuatir dai,itu gen kok, bukan masalah umur ;)

dai said...

hehehe. iya mudah2an sahaja nggak tambah banyak deh haha