Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Maybe Lunar New Year (along with Christmas, Eid ul-Fitr, Easter, and even Mother Day) has lost its true meaning. It is now just a theme for every mall's decoration and discount season.

Happy Lunar New Year anyway :)


hub said...

how do you end up with sketches like this one?
you just stood there by the railing and started sketching?

hub said...

ow, and regarding Christmas.
since I've lost the spirit years ago, anyone's celebration is always a welcome, even when it's actually meant for something else (like consumerism).

dai said...

yes. I just stood or sit anywhere possible and did the sketch. I've also lost the spirit of christmas in religious way (though it sounds impossible or illogical) but these exaggerated decorations are just somehow.. untrue. for me. :)

senoaji said...

sketsanya bagus mba, salam kenal.

dyah sihanani said...

terima kasih mas Seno, salam kenal juga..