Saturday, July 4, 2009

on childhood

A week after King of Pop's death, the internet keep updating the news. TV keep showing the old video clips and the radio keep playing the old songs. I don't want to be in the histeria of this situation like anyone else; at least like what I see - people mourning, lighting candles or memorizing MJ etc. But unfortunatelly [or fortunatelly?] this dead guy was part of my childhood. Well, big part.

I'm not and never be a big fan of MJ, but somehow his songs and videos are things I grew up with. I was in early elementary school when every kids sang Heal the World and liking Black or White clip, realizing "it's the Home Alone kid on the video!". I remember wondering MJ's changing face.

I guess, it's not about the person. It's the era and chains of events. It wouldn't be the same if David Copperfield wasn't that popular those days, and the rise of Spice Girls, and Space Jam movie, Super Mario Bros nintendo game. The general timeline that people in my age experienced. On the most personal timeline: how boys trying to play guitar and how I became the coolest girl for playing guitar haha. And other things.

I always have some MJ's songs in my playlist; not to mention other 90s songs, just because it's fun. There's a joy of bringing the old days back to my life; and I believe in your life as well.

It explains why a generation of people keep listening to Guns n Roses, and another generation to Beatles. Or watching Doraemon and collecting Lego. It's something they grew up with. In some senses, we don't want to loose our childhood, do we?

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