Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So this is it. The famous September 9th, 2009 a.k.a 090909. Well I don't know why some people are freaked out about numbers, that they [we?] speculate on the 'rare' conditions on numbers. I don't think I'm one of them but unconsciously I probably am. I don't know. The simplest is date. Remember June 6th, 2006? The date of evil. Haha. That made July 7th, 2007 the date of jackpot and August 8th, 2008 the date of luck. What's the agreement? Nothing. We only 'like' it, right? Weddings, launchings, births, parties.. See? We just like it.
There was a rumour that the end of the day would be September 9th, 1999. It came out of nowhere, I heard it from some friends; who might be ones of the freaked-outs. And it was ten damn years ago. Now I wonder, what rumour will be on 101010. Geeky, isn't it? Haha.
Well for me, 090909 is another dateline. Deadline. Dateline? Yeah, whatever. And instead of working, I blog. Hakhakhak.
And by the way, my scanner is not working. So I can't post any sketch for uncertain time. And while I can not post sketches, I might post... junks. Like this one. :p


novel. said...

090909 banyak yang ultah dai..liat aja fesbuk.. :)

(di fb gue si banyak bgt yang ultah..hehe)

dai said...

oya? di fb gw cuman 1 org yg ultah 090909 haha..

cal said...

difoto aja dai, ga usah seken seken..

dai said...

kameranya udah bosok cal.. jelek kl moto tulisan/sketsa.