Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sandhy sondoro

Take a look at this:

from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq2NT3fev4U&feature=related

Isn't he amazing? A friend texted me, recommended to see his performance at an "International Contest of Young Pop Singers - New Wave 2009".

Now take a look at his profile:

Sandhy Sondoro is an architect. He was born in Jacarta. He likes cycling and playing music in his free time. He has participated in many music contests. Sandhy is keen on football and he likes to play it. He enjoys spending his holidays on Bali island. If Ray Charles were alive, Sandhy would dream of singing with him.

and continues:

Drawing was Sandhy’s favourite school subject, but he could not stand Physics. The singer is good at cooking. He often treats his friends with delicious national dishes. He has taken to reading novels by the world famous writer P.Coelho recently. He says his symbol of luck in life and work is... his own heart. He enjoys listening to Bill Witlers, Led Zeppelin, Beatles and he likes soul music. His favourite composers are John Lennon and Paul MсСartney. [cited partially from http://newwavestars.com/eng/participants/17.htm]

The Schools of Architecure always proudly mention 'boxer turned architect' or 'mathematician turned architect' or 'physician turned architect'. How bout architect turned singer? A very big shock when I saw his profile. You sure know what I mean. Grkgrkgrkgrkgk...


basicbelia said...

I'm sure know what you mean!
hewwwwwwwww....his voiceeee!!!

dai said...

he's amazing, right?

basicbelia said...